Monthly Archives: September 2013

Adding Structure to Session Zero

Hello once again!  I’d like to begin with some exciting news – we’ve been invited to demonstrate Infinite Earths at the Escapist Expo next weekend.  We’ll be there Saturday and Sunday in the Games on Demand area, so come check us out!  We will have two scenarios available for play, “Escape from Monthos Vil” and “Tournament of… Read More »

Let’s Talk Fellowship

Hello once again all, and thank you for stopping by. This week, I want to dive right into the Infinite Earths Fellowship rules.  Everybody who’s played in a tabletop RPG has probably experienced, at some point, a group where you just had to ask yourself the fundamental question why the hell are we even adventuring together?  Whether it’s… Read More »

The Character Art of Arthur Asa

Hello once again! We haven’t shared some art in a while, and thought it was high time to share with you some of the work of Arthur Asa, the most recent of the fantastic artists working with us to make Infinite Earths amazing.  Arthur hails from Mexico and has an incredible eye for detail.  He’s been able… Read More »

Agency and the Infinite Earths Social System

Hello again! Today I’m going to talk about our Social subsystem again.  It’s changed quite a bit since the last time we talked about it.  Previously, we’d worked out a system of Rapport generation that would allow characters to build up Rapport with other characters.  This amount of Rapport would dictate what a character could… Read More »