Happy Labor Day!

By | August 31, 2013

Hello dear readers!

I want to wish you all a happy Labor Day weekend.  We’re going to take a break from making a post about the system this week, and we’d like to invite everybody in the Triangle area of North Carolina to visit a new FLGS and comic shop opening up this weekend in Garner.

Event Horizon Games opens this weekend with an in-store min-con!  It’s a brand new store so it’s still under construction, but already it’s got two rooms for roleplaying and a separate area for card gaming on the other side of the store.  This means roleplayers and card gamers can enjoy the same store at the same time and not step on each others’ toes!

So if you get a chance, stop on by and have a look.  They’re conveniently located in north Garner, and they even have their own Meetup group.  We’ll be looking to run some open games there once we’re ready with our Beta, and we’re wishing these guys the very best of luck!