Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Ten Level Solution

Hello once again! When we were still firmly entrenched in the d20 model for the Infinite Earths roleplaying game, characters gained the fullness of their power over the course of 20 levels.  We spent a lot of time in spreadsheets making sure numbers were balanced and warriors could go toe-to-toe with wizards.  We had an experience system… Read More »

Adventurers, not NPCs

Hello! The Infinite Earths roleplaying game divides a character’s “class” into three different roles chosen at character creation: Fighting Style, Persona and Vocation.  In the earliest iterations of the system, we had an expansive array of Vocations, the role that provides a character with non-combat skills such as Knowledge and Stealth.  What we discovered through playtests, though,… Read More »

What Makes Failure Interesting?

What makes failure interesting in a roleplaying game? That’s a question we’ve been discussing here at Room 209 Gaming as we work on our crafting and social systems. Imagine a group of adventurers who have spent many days – both in game and in real life – working together to acquire a rare magical metal… Read More »

An Opposition to Opposition

Hello all! I thought I would talk a little bit this week about our decision to not use opposed rolls in the Infinite Earths Roleplaying Game. The core resolution mechanic of a d20 game is elegant and simple – roll a twenty-sided die, add in any relevant bonuses from training and natural ability and compare… Read More »