The Flags of our Fathers

By | June 1, 2013

Hello once again!

We’ve been chattering on for a while now, so we figured it was time once again for some art and a little story behind it.  The art in this post was created by Nathan Nelson, a freelance artist out of Richmond, Virginia who does some absolutely fantastic artwork with amazingly pristine lines.


Sol Tralein, the Magic Empire, was the first great kingdom of the race of man.  Gone now for almost as long as it ruled the entirety of the world, Sol Tralein was a place of grand wonders and tremendous darkness.  Legends among the elves and dwarves speak of the cruelty of the Sol Tralani.  And when the empire fell, nearly 3000 years ago, it was because they tried to summon a god from beyond the universe, and it destroyed them.


But Sol Tralein had its defenders.  Ominiah learned the secret of godhood and his brother Amerack tore the doors off heaven itself so they and their allies could drink from the Cup of Knowledge.  Ominiah was the first of the Pantheon of the Numbered, but their leader and the greatest of them was Solus.  It was Solus who led the charge against the Leviathan, and it was Solus, God of the Sun and the Light, who slew Leviathan and threw his corpse upon the mountain.


In the years that followed, the Great Nation of Ilmathoré rose up from the ruins of Sol Tralein.  Led by the wisdom of Solus, the Great Nation stood for nearly 1800 years, avoiding the mistakes of those that came before.  But in time the enemies of Ilmathoré proved too great, and the march of the King of Sorrows drove the Great Nation into the ground.


In the dark age following the fall of the Great Nation, several new realms were formed by those trying to stabilize what they could hold onto.  One such kingdom is Talover, so named because of the Highbridge crossing the Talanthar River at the heart of the kingdom.  The Bridge Kings of Talover have held to the worship of Solus.


King Nerendar III became King of Talover only one year ago after the death of his father.  He is still fresh to his rule, and as events both within his kingdom and beyond its borders intensify, he will find himself more and more relying on intrepid groups of adventurers to help him maintain order and stability.  As Players make their way through the Talover: The Crossroads Kingdom adventure hub, their actions will ripple through the kingdom, changing both the difficulties the kingdom will face and how the King will handle them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s art.  All the artists we work with are freelance artists, and I know they’re almost always looking for new commissions, so if you like what you see be sure to visit their websites (linked on the sidebar) for more great examples of their work.