Monthly Archives: June 2013

As You Like It

Hello again! So, we recently changed the game from being “yet another D20 game” to a game that just takes a lot of inspiration from the core D20 mechanics.  This has involved a lot of rebuilding things from the ground up, and that’s great!  Slow, but great!  And one of the things we recently revisited,… Read More »

You Can Do Magic

Magic is not limited to those who pore over dusty tomes. Any character in the Infinite Earths Roleplaying Game can tap into magical forces in a variety of ways. Players combine Fighting Style, Vocation and Persona to make their own personalized class during character creation. Four Fighting Styles use Mana to power magical attacks in… Read More »

Free RPG Day 2013!

Hello all! Today is Free RPG Day 2013!  We don’t have anything for you, so head on out to your Friendly Local Game Store and see what’s happening!  And if you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, make sure to stop by Atomic Empire, Game Theory or the Gamer’s Armory!  Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers will… Read More »


Hello once again! Today I’m going to go ahead and put some thoughts down on how development is going on the Infinite Earths roleplaying game.  Now that the three founders live in the same town, we’re able to iterate through designs much more quickly and much more completely.  And what we’ve discovered is that a lot of… Read More »

The Flags of our Fathers

Hello once again! We’ve been chattering on for a while now, so we figured it was time once again for some art and a little story behind it.  The art in this post was created by Nathan Nelson, a freelance artist out of Richmond, Virginia who does some absolutely fantastic artwork with amazingly pristine lines.… Read More »