Monthly Archives: May 2013

Infinite Experience, Part the Final

I’ve talked for a couple weeks now about the philosophy of the Infinite Earths experience system. Today I’d like to walk through an example of how it works in an actual adventure. Room 209 Gaming’s upcoming “Escape from Monthos Vil” adventure (still on schedule to be released, with quick-start rules, in June) focuses on soldiers… Read More »

Infinite Experience, Part the Second

Last week, I talked about how experience points are shorthand for how much power a roleplaying game system expects a Character to possess. That means in addition to granting levels, XP also can serve as a rough measure of the amount of money and equipment available to a Character. XP also can be a measure… Read More »

Infinite Experience, Part the First

Experience points, or XP, are the throttle that determines how quickly characters advance in most level-based systems. Players can usually receive a small amount of bonus XP for going above and beyond, but this is rarely as much as a full encounter or a completed adventure. If combat were the only way to gain experience,… Read More »

I Need A Name for this Placeholder

Howdy all! Well, the past month has been hectic around here.  We make no secret that Room 209 Gaming is not our day jobs (oh, how lovely it would be if it were!), and here lately with Ray switching jobs and moving cities, myself being at a conference or swamped, and Sarah also being swamped,… Read More »