Some Happy News

By | April 13, 2013

Hello once again!

Today I’ve got some happy news from the Room 209 Gaming camp.  Ray Watters has gotten a new job here in Raleigh!  One of the bigger challenges of developing our content (and why sometimes it takes too long) is because Ray lived in a different city and worked on a completely different schedule than myself and Sarah.  As a result, we often had to design “when we could.”  This change is going to be great for Ray, and it’s going to be great for Room 209 Gaming, as we’ll actually be able to work more closely and build product faster.

Thanks to this, though, we’re rearranging that schedule I’d mentioned last week.  There’ll still be art next week, but the column that I was going to run this week will be shifted to the 27th, along with a refresh of the Personas chapter.  The three Personas we currently have are, well. . .”good, neutral and evil” as some recent playtesting made clear.  It’s too easy to distill them down into those qualifiers, and that’s not quite what we had in mind when we developed it.  So we’re going back to the drawing board and adding a few more Personas, as well as shifting the Personas we’ve already got around slightly.  This should make for some more engaging play, so no regrets!

In the meanwhile, though, we’ve got a bunch of stuff that needs doing to help Ray with his move from Rocky Mount to Raleigh, so when you think of us this weekend raise a toast to Ray!