Refreshing the Rules

By | April 6, 2013

Hello once again!

This week we have gone through the already-published 50 or so pages of beta rules and made some modifications to them, to streamline some, clarify others, and generally keep them focused on our vision of gameplay.  There have been many changes that were small editing issues (a few typos, a few missing words, some words changed to clarify meaning).  But there are some changes that deserve deeper explanation:

  • Example of Play (Introduction) Updated:  The Example of Play used ourselves and some of our friends as the example players, and that was a bit cheeky.  We changed our minds and are using all made-up names now.  Additionally, we updated some of the Social rules used in the example to reflect changes that have been made to the system in our internal testing.  Specifically, rather than having a system where “some keywords can be used to short-circuit the need for conversational back-and-forth, so you can get on with the story,” this type of addressing of an NPC’s concerns now provides double the standard amount of Rapport.  This change is intended to ensure that play doesn’t become a matter of bypassing the social ruleset, but instead reflects a more effective use of the ruleset.
  • “Races” are out; “Species” are in:  I talked about this fairly extensively a few weeks ago, before I got sick, and now that I’m better this change is made.  All references to different “Races” are gone, in order to better reflect the nature as we are designing them of the different Species in the game (Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, etc).  This was a fairly significant change, and Chapter 2 received a new name (Heritage) as a result.
  • A New Culture:  “Secretive” has been added to the list of Cultures, to reflect those types of societies where keeping secrets is a virtue.  This is an Influence Attribute.

We’ve gone back through this developer’s blog to correct links so they point at the new files, but we have not changed the places where, for instance, we refer to Chapter Two as “Race and Culture.”  The reasoning behind this is that this blog is meant to be a record of our development process, so you (and we) can see where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Next week we’re planning on having another post from Ray Watters.  Then, on April 20, you’ll have a new piece of art available from Juan Ochoa, the lead artist for the Core Rulebook.  This will be the cover to Escape from Monthos Vil, a quick-start scenario that Ray will be running at the Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers GM Faire on that day.  We will likely be making that available for download for free in June, to give folks a taste of Infinite Earths.

The updated rules are available for download from our main page, and links are also provided here:

The (Updated) Rules