Quickstart Character Sheet

By | April 27, 2013

Hello once again!

I’ve spent most of the past week at a conference, so I wasn’t able to do much.  However, Sarah’s been very proud of the character sheet she’s been developing since we started working on Infinite Earths back in 2011.  And it’s at a stage where we’re not really modifying it too much any more.  Our recent playtests of Escape from Monthos Vil brought about some changes, but they were largely cosmetic and helped to streamline the character sheet even further.

For every game we’ve ever played, we wound up creating our own character sheets because we didn’t care much for what was available.  We weren’t the only ones: the Internet is rife with variant character sheets for nearly every system.  Of all the character sheets I’ve ever used, my favorite was the sheet from new World of Darkness:  it was crisp, clean, and well-organized, with plenty of space for all the information I would need to record available right there on the page.

So we took a little bit of that, our own experience with our own character sheets, and worked it into the Infinite Earths Quickstart Character Sheet.  This is the sheet used in our most recent open playtest, and we got some feedback on how easy and convenient it was to use.

Have a look and let us know what you think!