Monthly Archives: March 2013

Forums Removed

We have removed the forums from  As they were dusty from disuse, and a pain to try and keep clear of spammers, we figured no one would miss them.

I Need A Doctor

Another week, another pox upon my house.  Just as I was getting over my cold, I come down with a lovely case of stomach flu that completely debilitated me all week.  Only late last night did I start feeling human again, and only today have I started actually feeling more like myself. As a result,… Read More »

A Landscape of Ideas

Hello again! This week I found myself laid low with first a mild bit of food incompatibility, followed by a rather nasty cold.  While suffering from that, writing up a set of QuickStart character creation rules for an upcoming demo, and redesigning the Talent system slightly to reduce unnecessary complexity and speed starting play, I… Read More »

The Dangers of New Language

Hello again! Over the course of the past two weeks, we’ve internally switched courses on which chapter we’ll be making available for review next.  We’ve gotten such interest in the Personas and the way our new social system works, that we’re going to go ahead and skip the intervening chapters and go straight into the… Read More »

The Way You Say The Things You Say

Hello once again! This week we post the beta edition of Chapter 4: Personas.  This chapter outlines the role which helps define the way your character interacts with the NPCs around him (and PCs, if an optional rule is invoked. . .more on that in the Social Interaction chapter).  These Personas were a tough call,… Read More »

Saying Goodbye to Charisma

Hello again!  This week we have a double treat.  Chapter 3: Attributes and Levels is now available for download.  Additionally, Ray will be discussing our decision to change the names of the Attributes.  This decision originated with a choice to change the classic OGL/D&D Charisma to Presence.  I’ll let him have the rest of the… Read More »