Introduction and Character Creation

By | February 2, 2013


This week, as promised, we present the Introduction and Character Creation rules for Infinite Earths.  You can find the file containing the Introduction here and here.  These rules cover the following:


The introduction covers what our goals for Infinite Earths are, the basics of how the game is played, and the roles both the Players and the Adventure Guide are expected to fulfill.  The introduction wraps up with the Example of Play previously published on this website.

Chapter One:  Character Creation

Chapter One covers the expectations for building a character in the Infinite Earths system and includes complete rules for conducting a Session Zero.  Chapter One also has a significant amount of roleplaying advice to help Players and Guides develop fully fleshed-out characters.  This chapter concludes with character template examples, demonstrating how to build types of characters you may be familiar with from other game system in Infinite Earths.

The Introduction and
Chapter One are light on rules and big on concept.  Enjoy!