Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Culture of Options

As we prepare the next chapters of Infinite Earths, we have another column from Ray Watters.  This column focuses on the beta-test chapter released last week, Chapter 2: Race and Culture.  Next week we’ll be releasing Chapter 3: Attributes and Levels.  And now, without further ado: Our first discussions about how to represent Races in Infinite… Read More »

Race and Culture

Hello again! This week we have a new chapter available in the Infinite Earths beta rules rollout.  Chapter 2: Race and Culture contains the complete rules for the following: 20 Races 28 Cultures These rules demonstrate our commitment to avoiding “the best race for the job,” and for separating a race’s biology from its culture.  This has been… Read More »

All Carrot, No Stick

Hello once again! We’re going to have to let our deadline for the Races & Cultures chapter slip by one week. But the great thing is, that chapter’s more awesome than we were originally aiming for, and is larger than what we’ve released so far. So instead, today we have a column from Ray about getting Players… Read More »

Introduction and Character Creation

Hello! This week, as promised, we present the Introduction and Character Creation rules for Infinite Earths.  You can find the file containing the Introduction here and here.  These rules cover the following: Introduction The introduction covers what our goals for Infinite Earths are, the basics of how the game is played, and the roles both the Players and… Read More »