Plugging Along and First-Release Schedule

By | January 26, 2013

Hello all!

This week we continue to plug along at getting Infinite Earths ready for beta testing.  Let it never be said that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get a new game system ready.  Between developing art guidelines and body definitions for the races, streamlining the rules so that they’re less complex, developing new rules to support the kind of gameplay you want to support, drawing sketches of what you envision for art pieces, writing up the game book (the beta-testing ruleset will effectively be the book, minus any changes we make as a result of beta-testing). . .yeah, that eats up time quicker than a hungry dragon facing off against a succulent gnome.  And when you’re only working on it part-time, in the four to six hours in the evening when you get home from work and before you go to sleep. . .

What that means is that, given this is our first endeavor for doing these things, we’ve dramatically underestimated the time it all takes.

So here’s what we’re currently planning to do:

  • In the first week of February, we’re going to place the Introduction and Character Creation chapters online.  Character Creation has almost nothing to do with the system itself–instead, in Infinite Earths it’s what’s done before the rules get involved.
  • The second week of February, we’re going to place the Race and Culture and the Attributes and Levels chapters up.
  • From the third week of February forward, we have no current rollout plan.  A lot of that is dependent on how quickly the rules chapters (and not the “roleplaying” chapters) come together.  I’m currently thinking they’ll be faster, because they’ll be less tricky.  But we’ll see.

Thank you for your patience.  Please enjoy, in the meanwhile, our new website layout with a nice, clean description of Infinite Earths.  Thank you, and see you next week!