Monthly Archives: January 2013

Plugging Along and First-Release Schedule

Hello all! This week we continue to plug along at getting Infinite Earths ready for beta testing.  Let it never be said that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get a new game system ready.  Between developing art guidelines and body definitions for the races, streamlining the rules so that they’re less complex, developing new rules… Read More »

Hard at Work!

Hey howdy! Today we’re hard at work on the Infinite Earths system, so we’re going to be skipping a post today.  Just a quick preview of some of the cool stuff we’ve got in store, though: A new technique for handling enemies powerful enough to take on the entire party by themselves A new Stunt subsystem… Read More »

Conversation, Not Mind Control

Hello! This week, as I write, I’ve got “Big Empty” from the Stone Temple Pilots running through my head.  Particularly, the refrain “Conversations kill!”  How appropriate, because today we pull the curtain back on the Social Interaction system we’ve been developing for the best part of the past year to reveal the basics of how… Read More »

Abandoning Alignment

Hello again, and welcome to 2013! Our New Year’s Resolution this year is. . .well, nevermind, we stink at keeping New Year’s Resolutions, and we don’t want to jinx anything!  Instead, I’m going to talk about something the Infinite Earths system leaves behind like last year’s digits. . .alignment. Alignment is a staple of derivatives of Dungeons and… Read More »