Monthly Archives: December 2012

An Example of Play

Hello! For our last post of the year 2012, having narrowly averted the apocalypse 8 days ago, I’d like to share with you the “Example of Play” section from the Introduction to Infinite Earths. It might still be subject to some changes before all is said and done, but it’ll give a good example of how scenes… Read More »

A Science-Fictional Approach to Fantasy

Hello! This past weekend, like a good geek, I went to go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Twice.  In both 24-FPS 2D, and 48-FPS 3D.  The difference between the two experiences was remarkable: I found that the 24-FPS was blurry in some parts and  desperately lacking in detail while the 48-FPS had more than enough… Read More »

Beta Preparation Update

Hello! Today I thought I’d talk about where we stand on preparing the Infinite Earths game for open beta-testing.  Originally we’d planned on releasing the first materials for the open beta-test in late December.  Unfortunately, I’ve spent the past three weeks sick with acute bronchitis, leaving me with little interest in anything other than stopping coughing. Rather than… Read More »

The Story of Marvin Howell

Hello once again! As we roll on into December, we’re doing some very interesting streamlining of the Infinite Earths ruleset. Unfortunately, this means we’ll probably slip a month in getting our beta ruleset online and available for testing. However, we would rather make sure we have something good for you to look at, than give… Read More »

Infinite Earths Overview: Stealth and Observation

Hello! As we here at Room 209 Gaming are recovering from the holidays and various illnesses we enjoyed over them, we began considering in greater detail some of the feedback we got from our Alpha Testing earlier this year.  In particular, we were thinking about the Stealth mechanic and the Perception mechanic.  More on how… Read More »