Monthly Archives: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

From us here at Room 209 Gaming to everyone who visits us, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope you are enjoying a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Infinite Sensitivity

Hello! Last week, we touched off a small storm of controversy by publishing our art guidelines and our rationale behind them, and that storm gave me an idea for a column.  Why not give folks a behind-the-scenes look at Room 209 Gaming and their ‘sensitivity’ process?  That is, how do the three of us make decisions… Read More »

Infinite Art: The Guidelines

Hello again! This week, I’m going to share with you our art guidelines for Infinite Earths and all the rest of our gaming products.  These are guidelines that the three founders of Room 209 Gaming have discussed extensively, though interestingly enough they haven’t been through very much revision.  As it turns out, the three founders… Read More »

Infinite Art: The Iconics

As we prepare Infinite Earthsfor the next phase of playtesting, our thoughts and our posts turn away from the same-old same-old rules and gaming philosophy discourse and turn instead toward art.  Art is the lifeblood of any roleplaying game:  it excites the imagination, it quickens the blood, it gives shape to dreams. Quality art is… Read More »