Monthly Archives: October 2012

Alpha Playtesting Wrap-Up

Hello and welcome back! Thanks to diminishing attendance at playtests over the holidays, and a shift in the type of feedback we were getting from playtests (from “major additions/removals” to “grammar and flavor text suggestions”), we’ve decided to end our Alpha playtesting phase and begin work preparing Infinite Earths for Open playtesting.  Once Open playtesting… Read More »

Raising the Bar

Good evening all! We’re a little late getting our post out today, but is it ever a big one.  This is another post from Ray Watters, the lead designer of our social system, in which he tackles one of those ancient roleplaying tropes that preys upon his mind:  starting a game in a bar or… Read More »

Comments Disabled

Well, under a tidal wave of spam comments to moderate, we’ve disabled the commenting features on the blog.  We’re going to experiment with using forum threads and other social media for discussion. Hey, this means more time working on the game system and less on scrubbing the system of spam ads!

GM Fiat, Rules Lawyers and Infinite Earths

Good morning! This week we’ve spent a fair bit of time migrating the website into this exciting new format.  We now have a forum (lightly populated, right now, but we hope it will grow), as well as the ability to host our own files.  That will become especially important in the coming months, when we… Read More »

Welcome to the new!

Hello all, and welcome to our new website for Room209Gaming!  We’ve imported all our old posts from the old website (and updated them so that their links still work), so you won’t lose out on anything we’ve already posted. You’ll see that we now have Forums (linked, above), and we’ve also got more options for… Read More »