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But Is That Really SYSTEM?

Good morning, Room 209 Fans! This has been a busy week for Room 209 Gaming.  For those of you on our Playtest list:  please fill out that survey so we know what times are best!  For those of you who aren’t on our Playtest list but are in the Raleigh-Durham-Cary area and are interested in… Read More »

Playtest Journal #3: Divided Loyalties

Hello and good morning! Just to let everyone know, we’re slightly changing our Playtest Focus, and specifically identifying whether a session would be a good one for playtesters new to Infinite Earths to attend.  We’ve found that having to completely re-explain the system, answer questions, etc. for the first hour and a half of every… Read More »

Reason and Words are Always an Option

Good morning! As we head off to the second day of the Escapist Expo (if you see the people in the blue shirts with the Room 209 Gaming logo, say hi!), we have a guest column from our largely-silent third partner, Ray Watters.  Ray is the lead designer of our social interaction subsystem, so todays… Read More »

Catch us at the Escapist Expo!

Good morning all! We’ll be heading to the Escapist Expo this weekend (as normal attendees, not official Guests or anything), so if you spot somebody wearing a blue shirt with the Room 209 Gaming logo on it, come on over and say hi!

Challenges in Character Sheet Design

Happy Saturday, one and all! Today has been an excellent week for Room 209 Gaming.  After a rest-and-relaxation break last weekend to help us get our heads screwed back on, we hit the system pretty hard this week.  We fleshed out the new Social Role system fairly well (and made it both simpler and more… Read More »

Playtest Postmortem #2: Social Combat

This has been a challenging week for us here at Room 209 Gaming. Two weeks into playtesting, we have encountered the first and, hopefully, the last challenge to our Playtester Agreement.  While this challenge has been weathered, it has cost us much time, energy and money that were frankly better spent elsewhere.  Additionally, as a… Read More »