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Playtest Journal #2: Nothing to See Here

So for today’s playtest, we mostly wanted to focus on our new Social Engagement system.  Unfortunately, because the players in attendance weren’t able to build the character concepts they were looking for the previous session (given that those concepts weren’t in the game–specifically, the Swashbuckler and Tosser), we spent most of the 3-hour playtest on… Read More »

Playtest Day!

Good morning, everyone! Today we have another playtest scheduled for 1pm, the conclusion to our first two-week-long playtesting sprint.  We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and have been steadily making changes and modifications to the Infinite Earths ruleset. One of the biggest blows to our egos came this week with playtesting our social dynamics. … Read More »

Playtest Postmortem #1: Character Creation

Hello again! Today, in honor of our 1000th hit, we’d like to announce that we’re expanding our roster of playtesting with two sessions in October at Cary, NC game store The Gamer’s Armory.  On Sunday, October 14th and Sunday, October 28th, we’ll be hosting a two-part playtest with character creation on the 14th and a… Read More »

Playtest Journal #1: Options Overwhelming

Todays’ playtest was designed to test the benefits and limits of the Infinite Earths character creation system.  And it worked like a charm, in that it pointed out to us that it kinda works and kinda doesn’t. One thing that came up straight away is that the Session Zero concept is fundamentally sound, with the chief… Read More »

Playtesting Kick-Off Day!

Good morning, everyone! After many near-sleepless nights this week, we’ve got a 68-page-long series of playtest documents and are ready for our first pass at not us playing it!  Our playtest kickoff begins today at 1pm and should last until 4 to 5pm (Eastern US Time). We don’t have much to say right now, but… Read More »

Playtest Shout-Out and A Good Question

Hello, everyone! We’re one week closer to playtesting now, and in case you missed it, we’ve got a great announcement about Game Theory in Raleigh, NC hosting Tuesday night Playtests of Infinite Earths:  you can check that post out here.  Those aren’t the only playtests we’ll be holding, either, so in case you can’t make… Read More »