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Let the Playtesting Begin!

Hello again!  We have some happy news to share with you this evening: Raleigh’s biggest local game store, Game Theory, has welcomed us and given us a table for playtesting! Beginning August 14th, 2012, you’ll be able to find us at Game Theory starting at 7pm on most Tuesday nights.  We’ll be the people in… Read More »

Infinite Earths Excerpt: Humans

Hello and welcome, and thanks again for reading! We have some exciting news about our playtesting that I’d like to lead off with today:  we’ll be starting our public playtesting the week of August 12th with sessions at local game stores in Raleigh and Cary, with a kickoff session at the Room 209 Gaming offices… Read More »

On GM Fiat and the Do-Anything Rule

Hello once again! To begin, an update on the public playtest: we will begin public playtesting between August 8th and August 15th.  Next week we’re hoping to announce the venues for the first rounds of playtesting. This week we were discussing modern movements in gaming, and our focus naturally fell on the various independent retro-clones… Read More »

Infinite Earths Overview: Available Roles

Hello again and welcome! Playtesting is still scheduled to begin in 2 more weeks, we’ll hopefully have more information next week about exact times and places.  Today we’re going to provide a list of the roles available in the Infinite Earths roleplaying game, and what each of them is focused on doing.  You might recall that… Read More »

Infinite Earths Overview: On Treasure

One of the things that has bugged us as we developed Infinite Earths is, “why would a monster of any kind ever have any kind of treasure?”  If you think about it, it makes no sense from a sociological perspective:  if “x sentient monster” has no need for treasure, because he cannot spend it, why would… Read More »

A Slight Delay in Posting

Friends, Room 209ers, Countrymen (and women), lend me your ears! We will have a slight delay in posting today due to family issues, but today’s article, “On Treasure,” should be up before midnight tonight. Thank you!

A Call to Playtest!

Howdy all!  For those of you who have signed up for the playtest, we’re still on schedule to start playtesting at the beginning of August.  Please make sure to check your email and your spam filters.  We’re still young yet, so you may have to add us to your email account’s spam whitelist in order… Read More »