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Infinite Earths Overview: Color-Coded for Destruction!

Hello once again! We’ve got some great news today, because this week we started preliminary playtesting outside of the core development team.  It’s been very instructive for us, too–but more on that later. One of our goals with the Infinite Earths system is to encourage more social roleplaying instead of the classic smash-through-the-dungeon-slaughtering-everything play that… Read More »

Infinite Earths Overview: The Action Economy

So, last time, the eagle-eyed among you noticed that the Dual Weapon Fighting Style allowed a character to make two attacks–one with each weapon–as part of a minor action.  And if we were sticking with the classic d20 action economy, that would be a radical move.  But. . .we’re not. Instead, our action economy is… Read More »

Infinite Earths Overview: Force of Arms

In any tabletop roleplaying game, you’re going to get into a fight–that’s generally a given.  And especially so in OGL games, since they’re based in the age-old tradition of “break into monster’s house, kill monster, loot monster.”  And while with Infinite Earths we’re moving away from the model of combat being the central focus of… Read More »

A Moment of Sobering Reality

We here at Room 209 Gaming would like to take a brief break from discussing our upcoming tabletop RPG to speak about something that is very close to our hearts as a North Carolina-based business.  Specifically, we would like to talk about the upcoming vote on May 8th, 2012 about Amendment One. For those of… Read More »